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 Post subject: UOX3 v0.99.4 Released!
PostPosted: Mon Nov 09, 2020 6:45 am 
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Since there's no other news, I'll post this just to liven up the place a bit ;)

From the front-page of UOX3.org:

UOX3 v0.99.4 is here, and brings with it some changes that have been a long time coming. Read the highlights below, or jump straight into the full changelog for all the details!

Housing Revamp
The previous, hard coded and outdated implementation that had not been touched for a good ~15 years, has now been ripped out from the source and reimplemented in the JS engine with all the features, bells and whistles one would expect from the classic (pre-customizable houses) Ultima Online housing experience - and almost every rule and setting is customizable.

Mining System Revamp (lite)
On a smaller scale, but still worth mentioning, is a revamp-lite of the mining system. Chance to find different types of ore can now be specified per region, and functionality for merging ore piles together has finally been added.

Extended JS Engine Functionality
Another small focus for this release has been to expose more hard-coded functionality to the JS engine, in particular functions that have to do with various aspects of maps, statics and multis - so there's a bunch of those as well!

The complete changelog is available here, while a shorter summary follows below.

Summary of improvements in UOX3 0.99.4:
  • Housing revamp! Player housing has been re-implemented in the JS engine, and tons of new features, settings and options have been added for houses in general.
    • All house gump menus revamped and moved to JS for easy customization
    • All house commands implemented in/moved to JS
    • House ownership can be tracked and limited per account, or per character
    • Ability to add co-owners, friends and guests to houses
    • Ability to set house as public or private
    • Visit counter for public houses, which counts each character visiting maximum once per day
    • Support for secure containers and co-owner strongboxes
    • Better support for house-addons - can now only be placed in houses, are counted as lockdowns, and can be removed with axes!
    • Updated rules for usage of locked down items in houses
    • Improved code for house placement - now properly detects other houses, static/dynamic objects, roads, etc. when placing new houses
    • Ability to customize amount of lockdowns, secure containers, trashbarrels, player vendors, size of co-owner/friend/guest/ban-lists and ban-location per individual house type
    • Separate item decay timer added in INI for non-locked down items decaying inside houses
  • Mini-mining system revamp now allows setting chance to find each ore per region of the world, which if set overrides the global default chances, and ore piles can finally be merged together!
  • Implemented tracking of and caps for item capacity per container type (including player backpacks and bankboxes)
  • Improvements to TextMessage JS method to give additional control over how these messages are displayed, who can see them and what font they are displayed in!
  • Added ability to set the language of a connected client directly via script or GM command
  • Fix for a long-standing bug with NPC pathfinding in cases where advanced pathfinding was disabled for performance reasons. No more long, single rows of NPCs all trying to reach the same target, but being blocked by one another!
  • Fix for a bug introduced in a previous release, where invalid values could be set for certain properties on newly created items and NPCs under certain circumstances.
  • Fix for a bug where non-GM characters could be unable to open their own backpack or take items out of other containers due to a mismatch of worldnumber/instanceID between character and items.
  • Exposed numerous hard-coded functions and object properties to the JS engine:
    GetMultiCorner, CalcMultiFromSer, IsInBuilding, GetMapElevation, CheckStaticFlag, DoesStaticBlock, DoesDynamicBlock, DoesMapBlock, GetClientFeature, GetServerFeature, GetServerSetting, and more!
  • Additional updates to UOX3 Documentation
  • Numerous other fixes and improvements!
  • Complete changelog
xurihouse.JPG [ 66.79 KiB | Viewed 4041 times ]

Grab your copy of UOX3 0.99.4 for your preferred platform - Windows, Linux or macOS - while it's still hot!

-= Ho Eyo He Hum =-

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