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 Post subject: UOX3 0.99.6 Unleashed!
PostPosted: Sat Oct 14, 2023 12:21 pm 
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Hi, it's me again, giving my yearly (or bi-yearly) news update on UOX3 to the silent readers of this fine, fine forum:

Highlights of changes in 0.99.6:
- Adaptive Performance System that dynamically adjusts how often NPC AI/movement is checked as shard performance drops/climbs
- Performance improvements for out-of-combat NPC pathfinding
- Performance improvements to world loading speed (~20% faster)
- Performance improvements to world save speed (~50% faster)
- Performance improvements to networking for shards running on Windows
- Improved server stability (all known server crashes fixed, all known client crashes/freezes addressed)
- Numerous gameplay fixes for player houses, item lockdowns, player vendors, guilds, pets, spellcasting, NPC combat animations, runebooks, crafting skills, fishing, and other skill-related scripts
- Mini-revamp of boats to address issues with boat movement, docking, placement and plank interaction
- Mini-revamp of notoriety flagging, now with aggressor tracking, permagrey tracking, stealing flags, etc. on a per-target basis
- Complete revamp of Stealing and Snooping skills, which have both been moved from hard code to script
- Moved Mining and Taste ID skills to scripts, and removed hardcoded versions
- Added misc new gameplay features: young player system, npc guilds, tribal paint, taxidermy kits/trophies, potion kegs, hair dyes, savage spears, bolas, small bulk order deeds
- Added script-based "Trammel" PvP ruleset which can restrict certain player-to-player interactions in non-Felucca facets (customizable per facet, with override options per region)
- Added worldtemplates with decorations for Trammel and Ilshenar facets
- Added region spawners for NPCs and monsters in Trammel and Ilshenar facets
- Added optional ability for pets, hirelings and/or NPCs in general to gain stats and skills from combat
- Added INI option that determines whether spellcasting can be done while moving
- Added numerous other new INI options that expand on the shard admin's ability to customize rules for combat, maker's mark, what details that show alongside names of players and NPCs over their heads, in tooltips and in paperdolls, max weight capacity of player backpacks and bankboxes, global restock multiplier, and more!
- Revamped default region spawn setup to offer more extensive NPC spawns across Felucca and Trammel facets with associated dungeons
- Help menu re-implemented and re-invented in JS, with option to let players teleport to safety if stuck
- Improved player support tools; GM/Counselor pages can now be made and answered asynchronously
- UOX3 now tracks which DFN section an NPC or Item was added from, and in which era of UO such objects were originally added to the game
- Added numerous new Events, Functions, Methods and Properties to UOX3's JS scripting engine
- Additional cleanup of codebase and compile-warnings, with a push for standardization of code style and naming conventions in both code and default scripts
- Added support for compiling and running UOX3 on FreeBSD, in addition to the existing platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac)
- Adopted CMake as default build system for Linux/FreeBSD, and as an alternative to VS/XCode projects for Windows/macOS

More details (and download links ;) can be found at https://www.uox3.org!

-= Ho Eyo He Hum =-

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