[Help Needed] Garbled Graphics/Textures in MapGen
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Author:  Fredde82 [ Mon Oct 13, 2008 8:29 am ]
Post subject:  [Help Needed] Garbled Graphics/Textures in MapGen

Hello folks!

Im still working on my map, althou to be fair its rather sporadic. Id say about 2/3 of it done and I have to say its shaping up nicley.

Now to the issue at hand. I've recently loaded Windows Vista 64bit, and it seems she and mapgen aint the best of friends... I cant say I expected anything less.
As you can se from my screenshot, some tiles are not displaying correctly while using mapgen. The funny thing is, its only those tiles that have a higher or lower altitude than a block close to it. That is, for example a block of 5x5 at z=0 displays allright, but any tile with a change of +-1 or more in z-value connected to that block turns out black or garbled.


Rather curious id say...

Right. My first thought was this had to do with the *.mul paths for mapgen. Could this cause the trouble?
Could it be that Vista 64bit isnt working with mapgen?

Other than this, mapgen can save/load the map without any issues so it seems this is only a graphical problem. I havent tried the client on my local shard yet, but since I have heard of no problems regarding Vista and UO in general I hardly think that is where the issue lies.

The setup:
Win Vista 64bit
Mapgen (build date: feb 4 2006)
Mapsize: map0

Mul Locations:

It should be said I have copies of the following files in my Map Dir (if it does make a difference:

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